Anna Maria of Swabia
By the Grace of God, Queen of all Arendaal
Queen Consort of Arendaal
Consort to King Matthias I of Arendaal
Consort 1018 - 1036
Birth 1003, Augsburg
Death 1055, Emyn Arnen
From Wiese (Holy Germanic Empire)
Marriage June 1018, Emyn Arnen
Father Holy Germanic Emperor Heinrich II of Swabia
Mother [[|]]
Issue Karl III of Arendaal
Eliska, Queen of Montelimar
Vanja, Duchess of Franken
Royal House House of Schwaben (by birth)
House of Blixtskiold (by marriage)
Full Name Anna Maria von Schwaben av Blixtskiold-Kapét
Religion Christian (Catholic)
Buried Saint Chapelle, Emyn Arnen
Predecessor [[|]]
Successor Adriana of the Talemantine Empire

Anna Maria of Swabia (German: Anna Maria von Schwaben) (1003 - 1055) was the wife of King Matthias I of Arendaal and thus the Queen Consort of Arendaal between 1018 and 1036. The marriage was a decisive event in the Christianization of Arendaal: although the religion had been gaining ground in the country over the past century, it was Matthias I who declared the nation a Christian Kingdom in 1020. The event was precipitated by a desire on the part of Aren Kings to ally themselves to Christian states. As part of his alliance with the Holy Germanic Empire, Matthias I swore to "baptised his realm". The marriage to the daughter of the Emperor sealed this pact (although it took place two years before the official declaration and "mass baptism" that became the iconic inaugural event in Arendaal's Christianization.

Family, Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Anna Maria of Swabia married King Matthias I of Arendaal in 1018 at the age of 15. They had the following children:

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Anna Maria von Schwaben's ancestors in three generations:

Heinrich I of Swabia, First Holy Germanic Emperor
Heinrich II of Swabia, Holy Germanic Emperor
Anna Maria von Schwaben

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